We Live Here. We Give Here.

Supporting our Community

Musselman Abstract is proud to be a part of the city of Bartlesville and our wonderful community. We are especially grateful to have the opportunity to donate both our time and resources to the civic causes, non-profit charities, local schools, and arts organizations that make this community so great.

Honoring our Heritage

From event sponsorships to program advertisements and even our employees’ “Jeans Day Fund”, we take pride in giving back to the Bartlesville area. It’s a guiding principle of Musselman, instilled and cemented by our late-owner Sherry Musselman-Cox. Before her passing, Sherry noted: "It has been a large priority with our company to have a large role in the non-profit organizations here. So as we planned for the next phase of the company's future, I was determined to pass it on to someone who would work hard and continue our community involvement and philanthropic activity. I want this company to continue giving back to the community even after I am gone. I know Drew and Jordan will do that."

Please submit all sponsorship and charitable requests to us through our contact form.