Closing Services

Committed to Meeting our Customers' Needs

Many people are most familiar with our friendly and helpful closing department. As the final step of your property transaction, signing closing documents to buy or sell property can be exciting and much anticipated. We know no two transactions are the same, so you need a closing team with experience and attention to detail to meet your unique needs.

From the initial contract to the closing table, our trained and highly experienced closing team is committed to ensuring the smoothest transaction possible. Whether you need assistance with the completion of a property sale, the funding of your mortgage loan or a 1031 tax exchange of property, our knowledgeable and skilled closing staff can meet your needs.

What steps are involved in closing on a home or property?

  1. Musselman receives a purchase contract from a realtor, lender, buyer or seller.
  2. Our team quickly begins working on updating the abstract. This includes locating the abstract then bringing its information up to date with the latest court records, tax records and name changes that may impact that particular property. Each database is carefully researched and double checked to ensure every detail is included.
  3. After abstracting is complete, it is sent to an attorney for a title opinion to identify any issues affecting marketable title and give instruction on the steps needed to alleviate any requirements.
  4. A title insurance commitment will be issued noting any requirements that need to be met or resolved prior to closing.
  5. Next, our closing department works with realtors and lenders to finalize the exact costs of each piece of the transaction and mandatory settlement disclosures are provided within the appropriate timeframe. This includes all mortgage payoff amounts, property tax proration, required fees and the amount each party needs to bring to closing.
  6. Finally, each party signs all paperwork at an official closing, Musselman ensures all parties receive proper payment and legal documents are filed with the county clerk. Title insurance policies will be received 60-90 days following recording.

What do buyers and sellers need to bring to closing?

At closing, please remember to bring two forms of identification with at least one being photo identification. The buyer needs to bring a cashier's check or call prior to closing for wire instructions for your lender.

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