Musselman Abstract Cares

From small business to multi-million dollar property sales, Musselman Abstract cares about your commercial property transactions.

Tell me more about the services you provide for commercial property transactions.

Commercial transactions move through the same process as residential property transactions, but often it is on a larger scale with more parties participating or a more complicated structure. No matter the size or number of people involved, Musselman works with all parties to achieve clear communication, timelines and expectations. In the event that a commercial property buyer or seller resides at a distant location, we coordinate and facilitate any mobile signatures necessary.

Using only the most professional industry partners, Musselman works with licensed surveyors to ensure ALTA surveys and the findings are disclosed on your title policy. Musselman’s knowledgeable team also assists you with any 1031 property exchange needs.

What kind of problems can arise for commercial properties? How do we help?

As a buyer, you have a right to know everything about the property you are purchasing. As a seller, you want to be sure all the proceeds from your property sale are properly disbursed including outstanding mortgage payoffs, any fees associated with the sale and ensuring you receive the full amount owed to you.

Musselman serves as an objective third-party agent to your transaction. The entire abstracting and closing process is built to protect all parties of a property transaction. Potential problems with easements, restrictive covenants, issues affecting marketable title and more are all thoroughly researched with diligent attention to detail. Through this process, Musselman identifies and works to help you alleviate any of these problems to ensure a smooth closing.

Dedicated to Excellence

Lenders, buyers and sellers all depend on our commitment to excellent service, so we are dedicated to meet those expectations with each business deal. Our team works closely with the most experienced professionals to ensure your property surveys and appraisals are timely and accurate.

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